L Let it be said, LES JEUNES MARIES is a group of ROCK! Some people hear voices "Vintage" certainly influences "Seventies" ("Melody Nelson" Gainsbourg, The Kinks) claimed by songwriters, others emphasize the uniqueness of the arrangements (made by John Lauria and group ). The band was at its inception a duet of "French Song" was created by Delphine Canard and Stéphane Chomette in 2002 in Saint Etienne, but in 2004 the band found success by moving to Reunion ( Indian Ocean). Today it is five musicians (tap this link to see them) on stage 2 lead vocals, drums, bass, two guitars and a sound engineer. The first two albums ("You should not go there" in 2006 and "A la folie ..." in 2009) in a register more "song" Rock that open their doors TVs waves (RFO and Antenne Réunion) and many broadcast on local radio and also on France Inter. In 2008, LES JEUNES MARIES get the support of the DRAC, the Regional Council, the Department Meeting and Kabardock (SMAC room Reunion). LES JEUNES MARIES count more than 300 concerts, mostly on the island of Meeting: Sakifo Festival Manapany Surf Festival, Tempo Festival, the free Bamboo Festival, the French Alliance of Port Louis (Mauritius), but as the first parts of Olivia Ruiz, Mano Solo, Alexis HK, Rose, Eric Triton etc ... It is in 2012 with their third album, "Darling" (recorded in analog) LES JEUNES MARIES decide to radicalize the Rock and leave the meeting to settle in the south of France (Agde) with the goal of this new album live in Europe, and why not on the moon. Texts in English, others in French, an omnipresent bass, air guitars, singular voice is the sound of the band The Newlyweds! See on stage ... InJune 2013 ALBUM MORE ROCK "blablabla" NEW!
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